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March 4, 2011


In hindsight, Angela thought, she should have just let the plate smash on the floor.  Cleaning it up would have been far less painful than listening to the boyfriend narrative.

Wade chuckled under his breath listening to Angela’s thoughts as he collected plastic containers and soft-drink bottles and shoved them into garbage bags.  Then thought, this is what garbage bags were meant for, trash, not human remains.

He hauled the rubbish bags outside, opened the lid to the bin and tossed them in.   It was hard to see garbage bags and not think about the ones that broken bodies had tumbled out of.  And the stench, from the decaying flesh – that had been putrid.

He watched as dark ominous clouds began to coagulate in the night sky.  A brisk breeze scuttled through his brown hair, coercing a stray tuft to fall across his corrugated brow.

Curtains billowed in the open windows; tree branches shushed as they stooped then rose.  Lose leaves fell aimlessly to the earth below.  A lone dog barked. Others joined in on the raucous chorus.  A silent cavalcade of flying foxes moved stealth-like overhead.

Wade paused for a moment listening, then he focused intently on the voices coming from inside the house.

“He does so Angela. I know it.  Can’t you tell by the way Josh looks at you? He can’t keep his eyes off you, and all that grinning, ugh. That’s a sure sign.”

Readers Comments:

Really, you had me from the first chapter. S McGuinness. 

You have the knack of making your characters come alive right from the start.

Leigh Russell – Author of bestselling psychological thriller Cut Short.

Yes, great reading! LOVE IT!!!  Clint O’Regan – Motivational Speaker.

Terry LaBreck Found another writer on my writing site ! Patti Roberts from Australia,and WOW ! She’s awesome ! She’s gonna make it bigtime in fiction! You gotta read this! I was blown away after reading her work, but don’t take my word for it!  Read it for yourself!

Glenda Ward Holy Moly,..this is great!… I had tears in my eyes. ummmm…. I didn’t know what to think at first,.. but the more I read ,the more interesting it became. I think you are right ,Terry……Definately..!!

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Chapter 1 – The Fall

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