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It’s not very often that I read a book that brings me to tears but I outright bawled on this one.

November 24, 2011

Book Title: Paradox The Angels Are Here
Author: Patti Roberts

Recommended Age: Mature 16+
Reviewed By: Maegan Morin

Rating: 5 Ravens

“But I can tell you this, without any doubt, that you are not alone in this ultimate struggle for survival… I see you still”

1080 AD Empyrean The Imperial City of Altair – A power struggle between the Angels. Two houses The House of Grigori and the Bulguardians wage war on the Planet Altair for complete control of the angel world. Abaddon Grigori, searching for the one thing that would ensure his reign and supremacy.

2001 Northern Territory Australia – Grace is 8 years old and on her way to ballet. She hates ballet but she meets a friend named Hope who helps her through her childhood and her struggles, and for poor Grace the worst is yet to come.

I was very excited to read this novella. I absolutely love the cover art and when I first looked at it I knew that I would be reading something unlike anything that I had read before. I was right. The Angels Are Here is the introductory Novella to the Paradox series by Patti Roberts and what an introduction it is! Like any novella its short but the author does a really good job of introducing us to her main character Grace and the series. Only briefly describing the war of amongst the angels the story focuses mostly on Grace and gives a very detailed back-story to her.
The Angels Are Here was so beautifully written. I was drawn in and hooked from the first page. Patti Roberts takes her characters and brings them to life for you. It’s not very often that I read a book that brings me to tears but I outright bawled on this one. You feel connected to the characters; you feel their pain, their sorrow, and their peace.
I give this book 5 Ravens and I truly can’t wait to read more!

�2010, maeganm, all rights reserved.


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