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Excerpt: Bound By Blood. And The Boy Becomes The Monster

August 7, 2012


Cerberus tosses in his sleep, dreaming. He dreams about the past, the present, dark creatures from the future, circling, preparing to posses him.

He dreams about Cleona. Holding her hands in his, dancing barefoot, flowers in her hair, her long gown brushing the grass under her feet as she twirls. Her head thrown back, laughing, arms out stretched. Fireflies dance above her head, as though they, too, are in awe of her joy, her beauty, her innocence.

Darkness falls; a cool breeze chokes the golden leaves from twisted tree branches. Fingers like knotted twigs reach down and pull Cleona into the misty shadows. Cerberus reaches for her, calling her name as he runs into the darkness after her, his arms searching. Cleona sees Cerberus’s face, his teeth bared, his chin damp with blood, and she screams, horrified by the monster standing in front of her.

In that moment, Cerberus knows that he has lost Cleona, his reason, forever.

Cerberus’s eyes flashed open, and for the first time in his life, they burn a fierce angry yellow, the eyes of a monster.


Ron Pope – Fireflies. The piece that help to inspire Cerberus’s Dream, and his love for Cleona.

Due for release October 2012 – Bound By Blood. Book 3 in the Paradox Series.

Paradox – The Angels Are Here (book 1 ) available AMAZON and other online stores.

Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence (book 2 ) available AMAZON and other online stores. Currently free as an online promotion leading up to the release of book 3.

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Patti Roberts

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