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Bound By Blood – Bits and Pieces of Inspiration – pics and music

September 7, 2012

Pieces that inspired me while writing book 3 in the Paradox Series.

The Ancient World – Akimi – The Khitan Princess from the Khitan Empire. The youngest wife of Yu Wen, the Emperor.

Flashback to the Bombing of Darwin during the second World War – More bombs were dropped on Darwin than during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Character Phoebe Preble/Juliette was inspired by and dedicated to Iris Bald.

Fact: Arrangements had been made that Iris would shelter in the trenches near her employment with her fellow workmates. However, as she was in the Post Office complex when the air raid siren sounded, it was natural for her to join her parents in the Post Office trench.

When the air raid siren sounded the post office staff took shelter in the trenches that had been dug around the complex. Unfortunately a bomb landed on the one sheltering Hurtle, Alice and Iris Bald, among others, killing them all instantly.

Iris Bald was buried in a temporary grave at Kahlin Beach; she was then re-buried at the Berrimah War Cemetery, and her final resting place is the Adelaide War Cemetery.

Iris received a Civil Service Medal 1939–1945 posthumously on 9 January 1998. This medal is for civilians who served in arduous circumstances in support of the war effort as part of organizations with military-like arrangements and conditions of service.

Iris, Alice and Hurtle Bald each have a street named after them in the Darwin suburb of Alawa. Nearby there is also a Bald Park and Bald Circuit named in their honor.


Roll Of Honor – HERE

Music – Especially, Two Steps From Hell

Epic Fantasy Worlds

Battle Scares

Love Scars Us All

The Ancient World

Grace and Riley – Halo & As long as you love me.

Cleona and Cerberus – Fireflies

Wade and Kate – A drop in the ocean.

Wade and Kate

Enter to win a copy of Paradox – Bound By Blood. Send Sharon an email to enter  – HERE

Love is not counted in years

Love is counted in heartbeats

Love is not bound by distance

Love is bound by blood

In the Ancient World

In the New World

Love will prevail

Some will kill for love — Some will die for love

Some will love until it hurts

Some will make the greatest sacrifice of all.

The Paradox Series – The Books

Paradox – Equilibrium, due for release mid 2012

Paradox – Bound By Blood book review by Ella Medler – HERE

Book 2 – Progeny Of Innocence is currently free to download from online book stores – HERE

Win a kindle touch – HERE

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  1. October 4, 2012 4:49 pm

    Thank you Ella – I am totally committed to the Paradox World – I live it, breathe it…. feel and smell it 🙂 some parts smell better than others 🙂 xx

  2. October 4, 2012 4:29 pm

    I am impressed, awed, humbled by the amount of work you’re putting into this world, Patti. I’ve never seen such commitment before! Ever!

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