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Paradox – Bound By Blood. Characters

September 25, 2012

Book 3, Paradox – Bound By Blood – BBB – is due for release 28th October 2012

“Shh,” Damon said in a hushed whisper, his face so close she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. “Do you believe in destiny, Grace? That the unimaginable power that creates time and space can be altered for a purpose?”

Some of the faces behind the names.

Excerpt – Bound By Blood – – –

Pandora swallowed, choked, spluttered for breath. Her chest heaved, drawing gasps of fiery air that her lungs could not extinguish. “It hurts,” she said, grabbing her throat. “You never told me it would hurt.”

“Sit up,” he said, his tone indifferent. He handed her a goblet. “Drink, it will help the transition.”

Pandora raised the goblet to her mouth and drank, hesitantly at first, but when the fire in her chest subsided with each mouth full, she drank hungrily. “I will not fail you, my Lord,” she said, placing the empty goblet on the table.
“Welcome to the family,” Lord Grig said. “Now, I think you should run along. Go find yourself a prince to sweep you off your feet.”
“Will I have abilities?” Pandora asked.
“Limited. You will no doubt have the power of coercion which will allow you to survive in our world.”
“And Abaddon?”
Lord Grig rested back in his seat. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about Abaddon. Abaddon has a very short memory when it comes to pretty little things like you.”
Lord Grig drank from the second goblet on the table. “A toast,” he said, raising his goblet, “to the future Lady of House Grigori.”
Pandora stood, straightened her gown, and smiled, euphoric with the life that lay ahead of her. A privileged life, where she would never grow old again. A life where no man, mortal or otherwise, would ever hurt her again.
Pandora would soon discover, however, that in life, there is always an exception to every rule, and that exception was Theria.



“The Human Brain Book,” he said, reading the title. “Hmm, pretty heavy topic for lunch time reading, don’t you think? You look more like a Fifty Shades girl.”
“Oh please, give me some credit. I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than read that dribble.”
“So what’s with this then?” he said, holding up the book. “You thinking about becoming a brain surgeon?”
“I thought it might help me understand the human brain. See what makes the entire male species of the human race so stupid.”
The boy smiled. “Not all of them, surely? I, for example, am most certainly not stupid.”
“Then you aren’t human,” Emily said smugly.
He slapped his forehead playfully and grinned. “Oh, you’ve found me out, and so quickly. Now I will have no choice but to kill you.

“Oh, little flower, I see you have met my brother, Chace,” Caleb said, materializing in front of them.
Lyssa skulked up behind him, and smirked. “So, Chace, this is the kind of girl you fancy these days,” she said, raking a black fingernail down Emily’s arm.
Emily shoved Lyssa’s hand away, looking from Caleb to Chace. “You’ve got to be frigging kidding me. You’re brothers?”
Chace shrugged. “What?” he asked innocently.
Emily, shook her head, shoving the book in her bag. “You can all go to hell,” she said, turning her back and walking away.
“Let her go, Chace,” Lyssa said dryly, studying her fingernails, then the look on Chace’s face. Lyssa slid a hand through the crook of his arm and wiped his lower lip with her finger. “You’re drooling, my dear sweet, Chace.”
Chace pulled away, forcing Lyssa to tighten her grip on his arm. “Let her go. You can do a lot better than that if you ask me.”
“Nobody’s asking you, Lyssa,” Chace said, peeling her fingers from his arm. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.”
Lyssa scoffed. “Are you just plain stupid, or high?”
“Neither,” Chace replied, tilting his head. “You just don’t do it for me anymore, Lyssa.”
“Really? Then you’re very stupid and high.”
“Brother,” Caleb said, putting a hand on Chace’s shoulder to study him. “I nearly didn’t recognize you with the new Justin Bieber hair cut. Looks good on you, shorter hair suits you, but what are you doing here? I though you preferred Europe this time of the year? Souls, snowflakes and roaring fireplaces… All very romantic. Far more desirable than a school library, don’t you think?”


In the West, a grey mist rose slowly from the ground. Akimi walked her white stallion in the forest, something she had taken to doing every morning since her pregnancy. The stallion, a gift from her husband, the emperor, nudged Akimi’s hand, making her giggle. She pet the animals nose, put her hand in her pocket and presented the stallion with a wedge of apple.

Fallen leaves, crisp with age, crackled beneath foot and hoof as they ambled along the well-worn path.

“Ouch,” Akimi moaned, frowned, then clutched her pregnant belly, barely noticeable under the soft layers of her flowing white gown. Beads of perspiration dotted her brow. Her cheeks flushed with the excruciating pain in her belly. “No, no, no, no,” she groaned, bending over to ease the pain. “It’s too soon,” she whispered to herself.

Another set of footfalls on the fallen leaves made Akimi turn her head. A Mongol girl, the same age as Akimi, stepped from the shadows cast by the tall trees. “Help me,” Akimi begged, dropping to her knees on the bed of damp leaves, still damp with morning dew. “Fetch the doctor. My baby is coming. Hurry!”

“I have a message for you,” the girl said, putting an arm around Akimi’s shoulders. “Rest against me,” she encouraged tenderly.

“You have a message from my husband, Ye Wen?” Akimi asked, squeezing her eyes shut with each new wave of pain. “Please, I need a doctor,” she panted.

“Your husband has cast Judgment. Now it is you who must pay for his sins.”

Akimi looked at the girl through her tears. “What? I don’t know anything about judgment. I just need a doctor, please. I beg of you. My baby, it’s coming!” The stallion nudged Akimi’s cheek with his damp nose.

The girl, holding Akimi firmly against her, slid a dagger from the folds of her brown robes and slid it effortlessly across Akimi’s throat.

Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence – book 2 – currently free on Amazon US – HERE

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  1. October 12, 2012 3:06 am

    OMG. This book series sounds so awesome. I just got the first two books. I had to after reading this!

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