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Paradox – Bound By Blood. Sample of back and front cover.

October 11, 2012

Ebook available from Amazon 28th October

Print book available 5th November


“What would you do, to have her back, my Lord?”

“The question you should be asking me is, what wouldn’t I do to have her back.” Cerberus lowered his head. “I know I would lay down my sword, surrender my life, just to spend one more day with her,” he said, feeling the heart shaped locket between his fingers.

“Be careful what you wish for, my Lord. Especially in the presence of a witch,” Lilura said, smiling.

Cerberus nodded, laughed. “It would be worth it,” he said, removing the locket from his pocket. He reached for Lilura’s hand, opened her fingers and placed the locket on her open palm.

Lilura stared at the locket, then slowly opened it. For a long moment, she looked at the tiny portrait of the beautiful fair-haired girl inside.

“This is the one who saddens you? Why, my Lord?”

“Because I loved her. Because I have never stopped loving her, and because she did not love me back.”

“How do you know she did not love you back?”

“Because she left me.”

“Perhaps she had her reasons, my Lord?”

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