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Witchwood Estate – book 1 FREE – “TV series” length episodes in a book….

March 20, 2013

five covers wwe

“TV series” length episodes in a book…. A whimsical series for Teens, YA, and all those young at heart… There is something very evil lurking in the woods surrounding Witchwood Estate…

Book 1 on Goodreads HERE

Witchwood Estate blog HERE

– Includes spells –

Witchwood Estate - Going Home bk 1

Alexandria Santorini learns as a child that she comes from a long line of Harvey witches. Now, as a teenager, Alexandria must say goodbye to Catnip Cottage and the Barnabys, her loving guardians for the last twelve years, and go home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance. Witchwood Estate. The home where she was born and her parents were murdered. Her journey home becomes even more sinister, however, when she discovers that there are those who have other plans for her and her new friends…

What a delightfully magical read! For the young at heart or others who don’t fear to dream. I enjoyed it so much! The wonderfully created world that you have so vividly written is easily envisaged! Katrina Whittaker

Book 2 in the Witchwood Series, Ferntree Falls, is due out in April. The print version of book one and two combined in May 2013.

I hope you will try Witchwood Estate, and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing !

Where you can download:

Available from all online stores soon. Or you can buy it right now from Smashwords

and Amazon –

Amazon UK:

Leslie Hansford‘s review 5 of 5 stars
I just love Patti’s work. Without trying you are transported and become an invisible observer right in the story. She also makes you feel like you want to be close to her main characters. I will devour this series. Perfect-length installments for the read-a-holic. I will be recommending this series to everyone who has hope, who is adventurous, and has an open mind to fantasy.
 Witchwood Estate - ferntree Falls bk 2 ebook cover with text

Book 2 on Goodreads HERE

Book also includes witchcraft terminology at the end of the book.

 Goodreads listing HERE

Book also includes spells and witchcraft terminology at the end of the book.

Book 1 and 2 Double Print Edition

book stack

Book 3 release July 2013

Witchwood Estate - Cursed cover bk 3

Further details HERE

Book 4 due for release early 2014

timeless bk4 ebook cover

Episodic, TV series length episodes from 99c


the boy the wolf & the girl

5.0 out of 5 stars SPELLBINDING!!!!

By Darlene Suber
I read this book a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to think how to give the book and Patti justice.
You see, the book is truly a work of genius!!!
The main character is a young girl by the name of Alexandria, by she goes by Alex. And after many years of being of being away from her home ; she is finally going home. She is going to claim her birth right. Witchwood Estate. a long her journey other she meets a young man by the name of Andrew(who is a ghost).
Now the estate has always belonged to her and is the home of all her family ‘s spirits.
The plot is pure captivating and imitative!!! The way that the author works the magic spells into the story is so awesome. The scenes and the characters come alive right before your eyes.

This book is totally Genius!!! And it is a MUST read for ya and even adults. I give this book a total of 20 stars even though I can only put 5 stars . Patti Roberts you are awesome and Genius and your imagination is truly amazing.

Edited by Tabitha Ormiston-Smith & Ella Medler

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