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Paradox Series – What’s it all about?

 A Realm where even the Immortals dance with Death.

If life seems to have more questions than answers,

try to be the one who asks the questions.

Written by Charles Schulz


You can run, but you cannot hide forever!


So what’s it all about, this Paradox Series?  Glad you asked!

Paradox is narrated by a girl called Juliette. 900 years ago, I died. Today I am alive…

“I have loved and lost in so many different ways. And I have died endless deaths…  So when I ask myself the question today, who am I? My answer is…I do not know.”

Grace – A little girl trapped between Heaven and Hell reliving the torturous past of others…

Who can a Mother and Daughter trust when their family is torn apart?

The truth behind the age old Vampire myths…

…Visit the Ancient world of Altair and its people…

The Royal Houses

House Bulguardi – Coat Of Arms

The House Of Grigori – Coat Of Arms

In the beginning, in the Time Before Time, there were two Royal Houses ruling side by side in Altair.  The Bulguardians and the Grigorians.  Both watched over and protected the mortals on earth until the Grigorians discovered their unquenchable thirst for human blood and the incredible power obtained from the human soul.

The Grigori were expunged from the Imperial Royal City by the Bulguardi for their misdeeds and were exiled underground for hundreds of centuries.  Until their numbers grew… and they escaped…

During the March Equinox, under the leadership of Lord Cerberus, the Grigori attacked the Royal City, leaving it in ruins.

House of Grigori – Family Tree


The 7 Pinnacles 

 The 3 supreme pinnacles that retain their own bodies and know who they are – Birth [Lucina], Death [Tia Lilly] and Emotion [left out – spoiler alert].

And the 4 natural pinnacles (the elements) Water, Air, Fire, Earth. “Wafes”.  All 4 [Wafes] have been reborn many times into human children over the centuries – unaware of who they are.  A precaution designed by the 3 remaining Royal Guardians to conceal their true identity from the Grigori in the New World.

The problem is, some of those that were sent to protect the Wafes, have also forgotten their true identity and are living human lives.  So, until enough of those that were sent to protect the Wafes are found and awakened, the Wafes are in danger.  For whoever controls the majority of the 7 pinnacles, controls the power of all souls and ultimately the human race.  In the Ancient World and the New World.

The Wafes, and those that are sent to protect them, are powerful beings.  Should they lose control on earth lose control of their emotions, they are capable of releasing a great energy that would result in the deaths of millions of souls.  Some of these unfortunate events have already played out in our history as “natural disasters”.

The 6 Ancient Kingdoms

There are 6 Ancient races of people living on Altair.  Altair is in the Aquila constellation and is orbited by 2 blue moons.  The Altairian calendar is governed by the 2 orbiting moons.  Nine hundred years on earth is approximately one year on Altair… Until the blue moons align – distorting time.

Altairians come from all the 6 kingdoms on Altair.  Some choose to live in the Imperial City of Altair.   This is also where the Bulguardian Royal Guard resided until they were outnumbered by the Grigori and fled to the southern mountains during the night of the equinox.  The Royal Palace is in Altair including the crystal-domed sanctuary where the 7 pinnacles reside. The city of Altair is where returning souls dwell in human form until they choose their next life.

Royal Guardians (Angels – House Bulguardi)

Samuel – Dr. Sammy


Hope – Grace’s imaginary friend as a child

Olimpio – The Guardian that was killed during the rise of the Grigorians on the night of the Equinox.

* * *

The Forest People [Celts] that live in the Ancient Forest of Doors.  A magical medieval race of people who’s one distinctive feature is their slightly pointed ears.  The birthplace and home of the Witch.   The Forest people follow a King and Queen.  The Queens name is Willow.  She lives in Riverstone Castle that is surrounded by the original Stonehenge.

The village people live in thatched huts and tree houses.

The Goddess Danu is there deity.  She is the divine mother of all Celtic Gods.  Their sigil is the Celtic Tree of Life on green with black trim.

Main characters:

Gadelas Riverstone – King

Willow Riverstone –  Queen

Holly Riverstone / – Rivers – Princess

Riley Riverstone / Rivers – Prince

Thorn –  Guard

Lilura – A witch being held captive by the Grigori.

Ciara – Cleona’s friend

Ella – The girl who talks to Ravens

* * *


The Atnangker Tribal People [dreamtime] that live in the Utopia Desert.  Their tribal leader is Diyari, an 18-year-old brown skinned Princess, commanding a deadly army of Sand Dragons.  The tribal people reside underground at night in caves to escape the ferocious winds.  By day they travel by Camel.  Their sigil is the red seed from the Bats wing tree being held in a dragon’s claw on white with red trim.

Main characters:

Diyari – Tribal Princess and leader to her people

Red Dragon

Black Dragon

* * *

The Bakhna Rakhna Mountain People are a peaceful race of fair-haired, fair-skinned people with crystal clear blue eyes and live in the southern mountains of An-nasr.

The Ancients reside in a foreboding stone castle named Eaglecrest which is built on the highest mountain cliff face.  It is accessible by flight, on the backs of the massive Wedge-tailed Eagles, or by foot on a narrow winding path on the cliff face.  Most of the Bakhna people live in village on a grassy plateau surrounded by rainforest atop a mountain.  Their sigil is the black Eagle on royal blue with gold trim.

Main characters:

The Ancients:  Four men that were chosen by the Gods.  They reside in Eaglecrest Castle.

Jahaziel. Is dark-skinned, tall and thin. He was the most well read and eldest of the men.  His exact age however, had long been forgotten.  His body was bent and twisted but his mind was as sharp as a sword.

Zachariah.  Is short and stout from the apple cinnamon wine he was so fond of brewing and drinking.  He is of the fatherly nature and is the one that his friends turned to when the gentler hand of coercion was required.

Amoz.  A proud man who’s face always carried a furrowed brow.   He is a brilliant artist and many of his works adorned the stonewalls throughout Eaglecrest and in most royal house’s throughout Altair.

Jeremiah.  At nine hundred, he is the youngest of the ancients.  He is a gifted poet and although he preferred to keep his thoughts fixed on his writing, he is not quiet of tongue when there are decisions to be made.

Keyla: 14 – she has the gifts of the Ancients

Ella:  Cleona’s chambermaid at Eaglecrest.  Ella speaks to the ravens and other animals and receives messages from the Gods. Ancestors are the forest people.

Cleona: Cerberus love interest as a teenager and the mother to his child. She was raised with a coven of witches in Forest Of Doors. Her mother is Narrabri, the Queens of Eaglecrest.

Queen Narrabri

King Barwon

* * *

The River People from the Khnum Kingdom worships the God Amun-Ra.  The original home of the Great Pyramids and the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon.  Their sigil is the white Ankh on black.

Main characters:

Queen Anqet – Bakari’s mother

King Sobek

Bakari – after the fall of the Royal City, he became an armor-smith for the Grigori at the Royal Palace in Altair.

Nammu – Bakari’s little sister

Rashish – Bakari’s servant in the Khnum Palace

* * *

The Khitan Empire allies of the Grigorians.  Yu Wen is their leader.  This Empire is made up of two races of people.  The Royal family for example is a race of smaller, fine boned Chinese decendants.  Where as the Mongols are a larger, heavyset race of transient warrior people that prefer to live on the outskirts of the Royal City of Khitan.   The Mongols are also extremely fine riders and warriors and are allies to the Grigorians.  Their sigil is the horse on a red banner with gold trim.

Main characters:

Yu Wen – Emperor – has seven wives and children ranging from 3 to 25

Yanjun – Emperors daughter and Lord Grigori’s first wife.

Akimi – Emperors youngest wife who is pregnant.

Temulun – 17 and works as a servant for the Grigori at the Royal Palace in Altair.

* * *

The Sealings Kingdom – ocean living creatures.  The watery realm where mythical creatures like mermaids originated from.  Their sigil is Neptune’s trident on aqua with white trim.

Main characters

Lula Lupati – 17.  She is a Siren/Mermaid and the leader of the “In Crowd” in the New World. And is Salacia’s much younger sister.

Neptune – King

Salacia – Queen

Triton – Son

Pisces – Son

Aulus – Son

Tetra – Daughter

What Patti says about The Paradox Series – Writing the series is Exciting!

I personally have always found the subject about death and the afterlife fascinating.  What happens to us after we die?  Does our soul live on?  I do believe in reincarnation….  But if there is a heaven, I don’t picture it as a place floating on white fluffy clouds, but rather, another dimension, similar to our own but an Ancient one…  Where Immortals, Gods, and Legends reside in a medieval world where time is governed the erratic orbit of the twin moons.

And in the Paradox Series, as on Earth, Heaven [Altair] also has its problems with greed and corruption.  Simply, good it appears, cannot not exist without some evil to keep all things – balanced.   The ying yang principle, so to speak.

Then Heaven burned and Angels fell…

After death the mortal soul resides on Altair [heaven] as a body-less soul, in the crystal domed Pinnacle Sanctuary on the mountain of seven until they are ready to be reborn back into a human to live on earth. Or in human form residing in the Royal City Of Altair. The choice is theirs. All newly departed souls arriving from earth after their death travel through a portal in the Sea Of Tranquility. The Pinnacle Sanctuary is also home to the 7  Wafes. Water, Air, Fire, Earth, [natural elements] and the supreme Pinnacles – Birth, Death and Emotion.

While still in human form, the life the human has just lived is recorded into texts called the “Tree Of Life” by “Librarians”.   Leather bound journals that record the history of every living soul.

Only the Librarians can read the texts written in the journals as the information is written in the blood of their own kind.  To anyone else, the journal pages remain blank.  Librarians are chosen from birth – they are distinguished from other Altairians by their lavender eyes. they are extremely studious with little or no sense of humor.

On Altair, you can live in any body you choose from one of your past lives or reside as a body-less soul – pure energy, until your rebirth.

Questions and Answers

Question:  After reading the first book I kept wondering who was actually getting reincarnated and for what purpose? Is it Juliette, a Pinnacle being reborn to share a body with different souls or is Grace the one that is being reborn at different times? But I suppose the answers will come in subsequent books.  I’d love it if you could share your thoughts though on the whole reincarnation element.

These answers are revealed in future books… However, without giving too much away – here is a brief rundown.

This story is being told by Juliette, a teenage girl that was living in the Royal City of Altair before the Grigorians attacked.  During the attack, Juliette witnesses a murder so she flees the burning city and heads for the Pinnacle Sanctuary.

Heartbroken, she allows herself to die so that she can leave her body and become a free soul [Wanderer].  She did this so that she could help protect a pinnacle [water].  Her free soul and the water pinnacle merge into one so that she [Juliette] can be reborn into a human child.  Now the Water Pinnacle is safely concealed away on earth in a human body.  And in Juliette’s most recent reincarnation – Grace.  Grace is now the vessel for the water pinnacle and therefore has the ability, unknown to her, of the water Pinnacle.

Because Juliette is currently reincarnated in Grace’s body, Grace frequently sees visions from Juliette’s past lives.   Not only her lives, but her sometimes brutal and untimely deaths over the centuries.  Grace knows she is different from other people, but she isn’t sure why or how.

Juliette, heartbroken by what she witnessed in Altair 900 years ago was happy to leave her body in an attempt to forget her painful memories.  However, that begins to become increasingly more difficult when people from her past, that she thought she had put to rest long ago are beginning to show up in Grace’s world.  The New world.

And through Grace, Juliette’s old feelings begin to stir, making her question who and what she left behind 900 years ago.


1. When did you first start writing, Paradox? And did the idea for the book just come to you?

 A: I started in 2009 so it took me roughly 2 years to put the first book (Novella) together.  It shouldn’t have taken that long but I was feeling sorry for myself and nursing a broken heart.  Heart all mended now:)  This also why Paradox – The Angels Are Here is a little EMO.

 I was inspired to write the series by what I didn’t know.  By the questions we as humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of time.  Where did we come from, what happens after we die?  Is there a heaven?  Do our souls live on?

 2. Was there any research involved in writing the book especially when the times were in the very early centuries?

 A. I think I have spent just as much research for the Paradox series of books as I have spent writing the story.  Actually I know I have!  Although a lot of that will not actually be evident until further along in the series.  I love writing Grace’s flashbacks of Juliette’s past lives.  I love going back in time and delving into historical events that have shaped our world.  And hopefully bring some of them back to life throughout this story via the characters.

 3. Were any of your characters based off of someone you know or the names of the characters?

 A: I do use some peoples names that I have met because they are special to me.  It is my way of having them around.  Hello Natalie, KaSondra, Ella, Jayde and Alex.

4. Was it at all difficult to write about such loss and heartache through out the book?

 A: Surprisingly, no.  I was going through an emotional stage of my life at the time and if anything it allowed me to really “feel” Grace’s loss and put it into words.  I really believe that I would never have been able to achieve that if I wasn’t in that “place” in my life and if I hadn’t gone through something like that myself.  I focused very much on the death of my own mother a few years ago; Mum was very much looking over my shoulder as I wrote it.

 5. As you were writing Paradox did you ever have writers block or did you already somewhat know what the story-line would be before you put the words on paper?

 A: I have never had writers block.  I have so many stories to tell that if anything sometimes I wonder where to start and where to leave off and cut to another scene.  Some people have said that Paradox – The Angels Are Here jumps around during the telling of the story.  And maybe it does.  That is how the story unfolded to me while I wrote it and how Juliette tells it – as she remembers it.

 When people are sitting around telling stories, I think that is how it happens.  Suddenly you remember something from the past, because of something someone else has said, and regardless to where the story is at; you jump in and add it because you know that further on into the story, it is going to be important.  It is very much Juliette’s story now.  I just have the pleasure in writing it.

6. What age groups do you recommend for the readers of Paradox?

 A:  I say 14 and up.  Some would say that some of the subject matters are for an older audience but I disagree.  It wasn’t that long a go in history that a 14 year old girl was old enough to wed and expected to bear children.  In some cultures today they are very much considered adults.   History has also shown us that in order to keep bloodlines “pure” it was nothing if not expected for brother and sister to produce an heir.  Thankfully, the society that most of us live in today does not applaud or encourage this way of life.

 7. I adore the cover [book 1], very beautiful. Who designed the cover and did you have any say in what you wanted it to look like?

A: Being an indie author I was very much solely responsible for the look of the cover.  I searched numerous sites until I found the background artwork for book 1 by the very talented Hazel Brown.

 8. Do you have any future plans for Grace and her family & friends with another book?

 A:  The Paradox saga is a series of books.  The first book – The Angels Are Here – was an introductory into the series and is a Novella.  The second in the series – Progeny Of Innocence – is a novel and is due out in November.  The third – Bound By Blood – is due out in 2012 .  I would like to release a new book in the series every year.

9. What was the most difficult part writing the book? Do you have anything you wish you could go back and change?

 A: The only thing hard about writing in general is time.  If I could lock myself up and concentrate on only writing that would be great.  But my friends would think I had gone completely mad and would probably try and have me committed.

 10. Last but not least, did anyone inspire you to write Paradox “The Angels Are Here”?

 A:  Yes and no.  I had just recently gone through a break-up and was terribly “lost”.  I see now that the break-up was an incredible gift.  It handed me the opportunity to focus on other things which I would otherwise had never done.  And those other things turned out to be writing.  The break-up, unbeknown to me at the time, turned out to be my cloud with a silver lining.  Writing has been such wonderful therapy; I have never looked back and I have never been happier.

Katy Sozaeva says: That scene with the cat was brutal – I almost cried and spent the whole time clutching my cat to my chest! (Chapter 8 Kali & Bonga)

Q: Do you write full-time now? If so, what did you do before you started writing? 

A: I don’t write full time yet but would very much like to.   That is my wish.  I have to sell a lot more books though before that happens

Q: Where did you come up with the idea for the Paradox series? Were you inspired?  

A: I was inspired by what I didn’t know.  By the questions we as humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of time.  Where did we come from, is there more after death?  Is there a heaven?  Do our souls live on?

Q: Do you ever base your scenes on real-life?  

A: Some are loosely based on real-life.  For example Grace’s experience during the storm when she felt like her body was being taken over.  The emotion Grace and her mother felt following the death of….. Should I say?

Q: Considering the use of angels, how did you prevent religion from getting too involved with the story?  

A: I actually really like religious stories.  I don’t necessarily believe them.  I think a lot of the bible and religious scriptures in general is the work of a number of excellent fictional storytellers.  I bet they wish they were around today to receive the royalties.  (This is only my opinion and I do not wish to offend)

Q: Who is your favorite character?  

A: That is way too hard to answer.  I love writing for them all.  Some characters though, like Abaddon, Theria, Caleb, and Lyssa are more enjoyable to write for because they are evil and have such over-inflated egos.  I also like the Four Ancients in book 3 🙂

Q: Who is your least favorite character? Why?  

A: None – they all belong, all have their part to play.

Q: Are any of your characters based on real-life people?  

A: Not at all.  Some of the characters traits are though.

Q: I found the extent of your research incredible. Where did you look to come up with your ideas?   

A: Google, Wikipedia, Google…

Q: What is your writing process? How do you incorporate your research without making it sound like a textbook?  

A: That can be hard for me.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the facts.  I have to allow myself to step away from the facts at times and let myself bend them a little so they can become part of the fictional side of the story.  I am bent on using as much fact as I can in some instances.  Even down to the little things like making sure a characters name in Grace’s flashbacks are relevant to that period of time in history.  What the weather, clothing would have been like, what day of the week it would have been…  I think I do this because whenever I read a book, even a fiction book, I like to have learned something real that I didn’t know before.  For me it gives even the most die-hard fantasy story more plausible.

Q: Do you plan to incorporate Abaddon, Siena, Theria, Pandora and Cerberus into the remaining series?  

A: Most certainly.  They are all main characters in the entire series along with a host of characters you are yet to meet.  A lot of book 2 (Progeny Of Innocence) is in Altair – where the Angels reside – including the surrounding areas and the ancient civilizations that reside there.  Lots of legend and myth in the following books.

Q: I was confused by the Angels. The Good vs. Evil. Do they all live somewhere in heaven or do all the evil ones live in hell? I don’t know much about Angel history.

A: In my book, Paradox – The Angel Are Here, I have the Angels living in Altair which is “heaven”.  And “heaven” has been overthrown.  I believe there is good and bad in everything, everywhere.   Are we good or are we evil?  We eat the flesh of animals.  Does that make us evil.  In some people’s eyes it most certainly does.

 Q: Will we see Grace grow to become a teenage girl and eventually a woman? If so, will you incorporate some relatively normal events in your books about this?

A: The Grace side of the story is the “normal” side of the story so to speak.  There are 2 sides of this story – 2 worlds.  In book 2, Progeny Of Innocence, Grace is a teenager.

Q: Is Joshua in the second book? Is he important?

A: Joshua is in the second book.  And yes, he does have an important roll to play.

Q: I have a feeling Abe is an important little boy, will we be seeing more of him?

 A: He is and you most certainly will!

Q: Does Grace have a love interest waiting for her somewhere in the near future?

 A: Oh yes – 2.

Q: Your book made me feel quite a lot of emotions. Do you become worn out from this while writing? Like does it take a lot out of you?

A: Some parts of it are more emotional that others most certainly.  And there is a particular part that made me cry when I was writing it.  I think, regardless of the topic, writers should write with emotion if they want their words to affect the reader.  Whether it be joy, fear or sadness.  Everything we do in our lives is driven by emotion.  Emotion plays a very BIG role in the Paradox series.  Sometimes I jump ahead a few chapters if I’m not in the right frame of mind to write a particular part of the story.

Q: How many hours a day do you spend writing or doing research for your work?

 A: I think I have done just as much research in particular aspects of the series in general as I have writing it.  There is a huge back story going on in the series that has to be taken into consideration.  I couldn’t tell you precise hours per day.  Some hours are spent on the pc, just as many are spent in my head, plotting planning thinking…..  It took me 2 years to put the first book (Novella) together.

Q: Do you edit it all by yourself?

A: It is virtually impossible to edit your own work.  Having it read out loud helps.  Text aloud on my pc is good and now my kindle is also great for that.  I have had lots of friends read it to help also.  My sister Susan, has been a god send and has read so many re-reads it isn’t funny.  I am an Indie author so I do what I can. And more recently, Ella Medler – who has been fantastic!

Q: I’d like to see this series become a movie one day, what actor do you see when writing of these characters?

A: Oh, me too!  Or a TV Series!!!


And Below – Audrey Maddison (my niece) inspired the teenage Grace

The Characters in Alphabetical order

Abaddon – Grigori

Abe – Baby born (book 1 & young boy in book 2)

Abel – Dying man (book 1 & 2)

Akimi – Emperor Yu Wen’s youngest wife (book 3)

Amber – Grace’s school friend (book 2 & 3)

Ambrosia – History teacher and Royal Guard (book 2)

Andrew  – 17. Sonndra’s boyfriend (book 2 & 3)

Angela Oaks17. Grace’s friend and neighbor.  She has Forest ancestors from the Ancient World and is a librarian for the Tree Of Life. An ancient text that records all souls. Dead or alive – Past and present. Her ability is coercion. (book 1,2 and 3 and future books in the series)

Antonius – Scribe in Ancient Rome (book 3)

Anya Lady – Lord Grig’s 2nd wife. Mother to Cerberus and Abaddon. Step mother to Theria.

Anqet – Khnum Queen. [River People – Khnum Kingdom] Bakari’s mother (book 3)

Aulus – youngest Prince of [Sealings] – Sea of Tranquility (book 3)

Aurelius – Roman General (book 3)

Azuma – Yu Wens’ 6 years old son (Book 3)

BakariArmor-smith for the Grigori at the Royal Palace in Altair(Book 2). Prince – Khnum Kingdom (book 3)


Brian Connors – Royal Guard and one of the 12 ring bearers.  Grace’s father in the New World

Caleb – One of the Goths [Grigori]

Cerberus – Lord Cerberus [Grigori]

Cindy – school friend (book 2 & 3)

Cintra – Lady Cintra. Lord Grigori’s sister and first wife (book 3)

Claudius II – Roman Emperor – (book 3)

Cleona – Witch and Cerberus’ girlfriend (book 3)

Clair Aldridge 17. Witch. (Book 2 and 3)



Diyari – tribal princess Utopia desert Atnangker Tribal People (Book 2 & 3)

Ella – 17. Cleona’s chambermaid at Eaglecrest.  She speaks to Ravens (book 3)

Emily – 17. School friend. Cindy’s twin sister (book 2 & 3)

Erebus – Lord Erebus Grigori. Lord Grigori’s father (book 3)

Eric – 18. Football jock that tries to kill Grace (Book 2 )

Estella – 17. The Bean Waitress (book 2 & 3)

Fabius – Roman Jailor (book 3)

Faith – 17. Royal Guardian (book 3)

Gadelas – King, Forest Of doors (book 3)


Grace Connors – Various ages (book 1, 2 & 3)

Grig – Lord Grig. Theria, Cerberus and Abaddon’s father.

Holly Rivers – 17 school friend and Princess [Ancient Forest Of Doors] (book 2 & 3)

Hope – Guardian Angel (book1, 2 & 3)







Keyla – [Bakhna Rahhna] gift of the ancients (book 2)

Lilura – witch in the Ancient World (book 2)

Lucina – Nurse (book 1, 2 & 3)

Lula Lupati – 17.  She is a Siren/Mermaid and the leader of the “In Crowd” in the New World. And is Queen Salacia’s [Sealings] sister. (Book 2 & 3)

Lyssa – Grigori (Book 2 & 3)

Momu – what Altarian children call their mothers. (book 3)

Marcus – General Rome (book 3)

Mathew – new world (book 2)

Nammu – Bakari’s little sister (book 3)

Narantu – Pandora’s maid (book 2)

Narrabri – Queen of eaglecrest [Bakhna Rakhna People] (book 3)

Neptune – King [Sealings – Sea Of tranquility]





Patrick – Grace’s school friend who dies in book 1

Phoebe Preble – one of Juliette’s past lives Book 3

Pisces – Prince of Sealings

Rashish – palace servant

Riley – Grace’s love interest book 2 and 3

Rose – Abel’s wife book 1 and 2

SalaciaQueen of Sealings

Scavager/Weasel – Lord Grig’s spy & informant.  A weaselly little man that wears shadow robes. (Book 3 – Bound By Blood)

Siena – Grigori, cousin of Theria, Abaddon and Cerberus


Sonndra – Grace’s high school friend book 2 and 3

Temulun – Grigori servant book 2

Teltra – youngest [Sealings] Daughter of Queen Salacia And King Neptune

Theria – Grigori

Tia Lilly – The Angel Of Death




Triton – Eldest Prince of Sealings

Tyler – Siena’s twin brother

Tyra – Works at the Fly Wok takeaway book 2

Wade – Police officer book 1 2 3

Willow – Queen of the Forest People – mother to Riley and Holly


Yu Wen – Emperor of the West – Khitan Empire book 3

Zach – Grace’s foster brother “Caelum” Book 2 3

Zeta – The Dragon Queen book 3

 A chat with the Author

Where are you from originally? 

I was born in Brisbane Queensland Australia, grew up in Darwin in the Northern Territory and currently live in Cairns in Far North Queensland.


Tell us your latest news? 

I’ve just met my son’s girlfriend Amanda and she is lovely!!!

If you could have a dinner party with any authors from any time in history, who would you choose and why?  I have to say George R. R. Martin because I love the richness of his writing. I would love to get inside his head!  AND – all of my new indie friends – what a blast that would be!!  A few that instantly come to mind are Ella Melder, Collette Scott, Lenore Wolfe, Starr West, KaSonndra Leigh, Jayde Scott, Carolyn Hockley, Mary Ting and Carlyle Labuschagne.


What are your current projects? 

Helping to support other indie authors by publishing “First 5 Chapters” –  they are ebook publications that allows readers to try the first 5 chapters from some very talented indie authors.  Each publication features 6 authors in similar genres.  As you can imagine the idea is taking off in a big way.  You can find “First 5 Chapters” on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and they are either free or 99c – less than a cup of coffee J


What books or authors have influenced your writing?  Currently, George R. R. Martin (LOVE the TV series and the books) because there is so much going on.  Such a huge host of characters.  Kingdoms within kingdoms.  It makes your head boggle but I like a book that demands you pay attention.


Is there an Author that you would really like to meet? 

George R. R. Martin and my indie author friends.


What book are you reading now and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?  Ebook.  J.R.R Tolkien – Fellowship Of  The Ring and George R. R. Martin – Game Of Thrones.

Tell us a little about your background. When did you start writing?  I started writing with the intent on publishing in 2009.  I was feeling very down and misplaced after a failed relationship and I wanted to do something positive….  I needed to do something positive.  I wanted to herd up all my unresolved emotions and put them to good use.  So I went out and bought a new laptop computer and started writing.  Hence the reason Paradox – The Angels Are Here is a little bit EMO!  Writing has been the best therapy and I have never been happier or more fulfilled!  I highly recommend writing to anyone that finds themselves in a similar predicament.  That is when I started writing and how the Paradox Series was born.  Out of the ashes… so to speak.

What is your series about?  An Ancient World and the New World.  It is about two souls being drawn together over the centuries to the present day.  It is about love, loss, betrayal, Hope.  It is about innocence lost.  It is about the past and the present colliding and realising that nothing is as it seems…  And that those that are lost to you, are never very far away.  That behind this portal there are many, many ancient worlds waiting to be rediscovered.

Where do you get your ideas?  For every warp of life imaginable.  Awake or asleep.  And a creative and overworked imagination.

What is your writing process?  I run different scenarios around for particular chapters in my head.  I give the characters dialogue to see were it leads.  It is one thing to have an idea for a story line but it isn’t until I bring in the characters to see how their personalities would react in particular circumstances that I really know how it has to be written.

Do you write full-time now?  I do pretty much.  However, much of that time is also spent planning, researching, marketing, and promoting.  Many hours of marketing!!!

Your settings and descriptions are very detailed. Can you describe your research into your subject this time around?  Same as always.  Hours of research into ancient civilizations, myths and legends.  From the tiniest red shiny beads found in the blistering Utopia desert to the magical realm of ancient forest trees.  And of course a vivid imagination…  a must when writing fantasy worlds.

Let us talk a little bit about Grace, a young woman who is coming of age in this story. She is certainly growing. Can you tell us about her inner motivation and how Juliette influences her?  Grace Knows she is different  – even though she isn’t ready to accept that fact just yet.  She senses a danger in knowing who she really is so she keeps most of those thoughts to herself by writing in a hidden journal.  She has visions of a girl named Juliette.  But she doesn’t quite understand why or who this Juliette is.  Through Grace, Juliette is also starting to come to terms with a past that she thought was long gone and buried.

You have also introduced some new characters, most notably Damon…. Hmm. Is Grace developing a love interest for the future installments?  Grace is certainly at an age where love is a priority for any “normal” teenage girl.   And Grace so badly wants to be normal.  So when Damon Draco comes along she is instantly drawn to his boyish good looks and mysterious charm.  But is there more to it than just a teenage crush…

Another favorite is Keyla. Will she be playing a prominent role in the series?  Most certainly.  Keyla is everything precious and pure.  Within her she holds powerful abilities pasted down from an almost extinct race of people that stretches back to the time before time.  The ancient Bakhna Rakhna People from the southern mountains.  Home of the Ancients.

Are any of your characters based on real-life friends or acquaintances?  I name some of my characters after friends that have inspired me.  Sometimes I will take a friend’s personality and blend it with one of my characters to make them become more real – more dimensional.  I give all of my characters birth dates, favorite colors, particular things they like or dislike.  Imagine what their parents would be like.  Even if I never write about those things.  It makes my characters more real.

Do you ever incorporate yourself into your characters?  My thoughts and feelings most certainly.

Are you still writing the series? If so, what will your future projects entail?  Next on the agenda is book 3 – that is due to be released this year (2012).  I will know in the next few months about how I want the 4th book in the series to go.

Tell us about your cover. Did you design it yourself?  Yes, I source the cover art and then design the titles and fonts.   I love cover art – I do judge a book by the cover!!!

Where did you get the inspiration for your cover? I can spend hours looking at pictures online for my covers, locations, and my characters.  I have to have faces for my characters when I am writing dialogue for them.  I search until I find a face that matches my character.  Then I print it out and have it on a cork-board in front of me.  I feel I can be more consistent with my characters traits and dialogue if I have a firm image of them to look at.

Does your reading inspire you and your work?  Most certainly.  It puts my head in the right place.  When I writing for the ancient world I read books like the Game of Thrones.  The visual media – music and artwork – finding the right artwork and music for my ancient world is just as important as finding the right face for my characters.   Let’s face it.  We are not talking about an everyday world here.  I have a special post on my blog dedicated to all that inspires my writing.

Book Reviews

I do not remember when I have been more spellbound by a fantasy book before.

This book delivers on so many levels.  Patti Roberts has grown up. Her writing skills rival some of the very big names out there and I would be surprised if awareness of her talent doesn’t sky-rocket within a few short months. With ‘Progeny Of Innocence’ we have no choice but to believe. It’s not a fantasy anymore, it is a certainty.

‘It is a shame,’ Patti says, ‘that real life events very rarely portray the grandiose victories personified in fiction’. Because we know, we feel that undercurrent to all of our lives. We’ve always suspected there is more to this inconsequential human existence and Patti Roberts makes it easy to imagine what this might be.

Patti Roberts is so comfortable with her creation that it leaves no questions unanswered. You can see the prisoners being dragged in, you can see the forest and its people, you can understand the relationships between the six ancient races and feel their resistance to Grigorian rule.

Paradox is not a story in a place – it is the legend of a whole world.

Ella Medler

This is so totally different from anything I’ve read recently and I have to say… WOW. Patti Roberts is a truly remarkable writer. The way she weaves her tales among the story is extraordinary. I can honestly say I was in awe of the way she managed to do it. I’d love to have that talent. My only criticism is that I NEED to know what happens next!! I can’t wait for book two!

Suzy Turner – Author

After reading dozens of Angel based books, I cannot recall a time when I said, hey – I like this. Well, surprisingly, I loved this. This book is up there on my list of favorites. First of all, the writing was excellent; I was literally flabbergasted and felt inferior in anything I’ve ever written.

Natalie Valdes

Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest and why?  Yes, Patti Roberts. Paradox is truly a work of art and I can’t wait to read more.

Cypher Lx – Author

Patti Roberts is a born storyteller who knows how to throw in those great twists through the book – Paradox “The Angels Are Here”.


Patti Roberts had introduced me to a fascinating world of angels.


Roberts knows how to spin a good tale that appeals to our deepest emotions and makes us wonder what may be hidden behind the portal to our world.

Miss Reviewer

I am a sap for anything that brings me to tears…and this book did just that. Death of a loved one is always a difficult situation to address and Patti does it so beautifully.


The Books

Paradox: The Angels Are Here (#1)

Paradox: Progeny Of Innocence (#2)

Paradox – Special Edition: The Angels Are Here / Progeny Of Innocence (Paradox, #1 & #2)

Paradox – Bound By Blood (#3)
To be released mid 2012



PATTI ROBERTS was born in Brisbane Australia but soon moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory.   Her son Luke was born in 1980.  She currently lives in Cairns, Queensland where she is writing the Paradox Series of books.  Paradox – The Angels Are Here is the first in the series and was first published as an indie eBook on Smashwords in 2010 and Amazon in 2011.


Email –




Who is evil, who is good?

How do you fight an enemy that is stronger, smarter, faster?  An enemy that looks just like you that hides in plain sight.  An enemy who desires your soul to retain their unquenchable thirst for power and immortality.

You can run, but you cannot hide.  Is your Guardian Angel from Heaven or Hell?


In The Darkest Of Moments,

Just Before Dawn — Beware Of The Shadows.

The Whispers In The Dark.

For That is Where Evil Resides.

Watching, Waiting…

Book 3 in the Paradox Series – Bound By Blood

October 2012 Release

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  1. June 23, 2012 12:37 pm


  2. February 7, 2012 5:38 pm

    Good luck with your writing

  3. August 6, 2011 6:53 pm

    The title made me choose it from several titles I was looking on Amazon…lucky a friend already bought it so i borrowed it from him…in two days it was done…great work…congrats…I can’t wait for the other 2 books…and if there will be a movie surely it will be a good one…congrats again

    • August 6, 2011 11:32 pm

      Thank you for your comments Irina. I look forward to answering any of your questions about the book if you have any. If you could drop by Amazon and leave a comment and a rating there sometime, I would really be grateful.

      Book 2 will be out in November and will be available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. So happy you enjoyed the book. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on book 2 which I am really enjoying writing.

      Looking forward to hearing from you, Patti

  4. July 29, 2011 6:05 am

    I love your Hollywood cast!! I can totally imagine them in the movie version! Excellent, Patti!
    I can’t wait to read book II.

    • July 29, 2011 5:16 pm

      That would be nice wouldn’t it – they are the faces I have on my pin board in front of me. Wade makes it very hard to write sometimes 🙂

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