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Paradox Book Reviews – WOW!

I am thrilled, to say the least, with the reviews the Paradox Series has been receiving.


Review of Progeny Of Inocence By Ella Medler
30 Mar 2012

I do not remember when I have been more spellbound by a fantasy book before.

I thought ‘The Angels Are Here’ was good, but not quite fully cooked. With Progeny of Innocence Patti Roberts is just showing off. This book delivers on so many levels.

There is so much emotion in this story, so many human traits – the good (love, friendship, bravery and boldness) and the shameful (lust, egotism, self-indulgence, viciousness) all thrown together. But you can never misinterpret the true colour of a person. That weaker characterisation I saw in Book 1 here and there has gone completely. Patti Roberts has grown up. Her writing skills rival some of the very big names out there and I would be surprised if awareness of her talent doesn’t sky-rocket within a few short months.

‘The Angles Are Here’ was a sweet little introduction to a fantasy world that might or might not be real. With ‘Progeny Of Innocence’ we have no choice but to believe. It’s not a fantasy anymore, it is a certainty. ‘It is a shame,’ Patti says, ‘that real life events very rarely portray the grandiose victories personified in fiction’. Because we know, we feel that undercurrent to all of our lives. We’ve always suspected there is more to this inconsequential human existence and Patti Roberts makes it easy to imagine what this might be.

The WAFEs slowly awake and remember, and the guardians pull together. Sparks are flying and you find yourself gnawing on your nails with increased anxiety. The good and the evil dance around each other in ever-decreasing circles until you shiver with the imminence of the epic battle you can see will be unleashed in the very near future.

There is a YA tinge to most of the second half of the novel, but it is nicely done and the adult world weaves through it skilfully. There are stories within the story, and again they do not detract, but expertly add to the texture and depth of the main plot.

We see heavy symbolism and original threads too, and a little Shakespearean conflict between the two obvious enemies: Damon, in body, hangs out with the Grigorians but his heart and spirit have long belonged to Juliette.

I must make a special mention. Often debut authors are so eager to get on with their story that they don’t spend enough time getting to know their own world, and that shows. Sometimes, they are lucky enough to be able to develop it in an acceptable manner in a sequel, and sometimes it is just so seriously underdeveloped, it is jarring. This is not the case here. Patti Roberts is so comfortable with her creation that it leaves no questions unanswered. You can see the prisoners being dragged in, you can see the forest and its people, you can understand the relationships between the six ancient races and feel their resistance to Grigorian rule.

Paradox is not a story in a place – it is the legend of a whole world.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t know how Patti’s writing could be improved upon. I’m waiting for the third book in the series and will be counting the weeks to its release. And there is a very strong chance that I might be tempted to sneak back to the Paradox blog page to get my fix and check for news here


I am a sap for anything that brings me to tears…and this book did just that. Death of a loved one is always a difficult situation to address and Patti does it so beautifully. I don’t think many of us stop to think about the fact that if good angels exist…that it is entirely possible for evil angels to exist. This novella definitely gives you something to think about.  Read more

Kristin (Better Read Than Dead)
Sep 21, 2011

Kristin (Better Read Than Dead) rated it 4 of 5 stars

What do I like second to all things Vampire…all things Angel. Bad or Good. I think we all have one of each residing on our shoulders. Don’t you?

Patti Roberts has written a stunning and shocking novella that delves into the age old question of what awaits us after we die. Or more importantly, what guides the events that spins the world. Paradox provides a unique view of Angels and those they protect?!?! As always…let’s take a look at these captivating beings:

Abbadon – is an important player in the on-going war between the House of the Bulguardians and the House of the Grigorians. Problem is…he plays for the bad guys, the rebellions…the Grigorians.

Cerberus – is the leader of the House of the Grigorians.

Thieria – is the younger sister of Abbadon and Cerberus. She is tired of being treated like a little girl and will seek to solve this problem.

Pandora – is Cerberus’s wife. She has few fans in the Grigorian family.

Brian – is the father of a very special little girl. His duty is to protect her, before and after his life on Earth ends.

Grace – has a special role to play on Earth. She is guarded…and wanted by many.

Kate – is Grace’s grieving mother. Kate spends much of this book trying to recover from a terrible loss and Grace is forced to take care of herself and her mom.

Miss Reviewer rated it 5 of 5 stars
Miss ReviewerShelves: interesting-idea, original

I picked this up based on a recommendation and am glad I did. Roberts knows how to spin a good tale that appeals to our deepest emotions and makes us wonder what may be hidden behind the portal to our world.
A well written and emotional tale, Paradox: The Angels are here tells the story of Grace, a girl with a huge secret. Sent into this world, she has a purpose, a mission to fulfill. Behind her, the dark houses of angels are plotting, waiting to take over the world and the people inhabiting it. Who will win the fight? Who will lose? And is there a winner or loser, or simply just pain and mystery for those whose souls may be lost forever?  Paradox: The Angels are here was a chilly ride full of emotion and suspense. It’s so well written, I kept turning the pages, wondering what would happen next. The second book in the series cannot be out fast enough.

Review by: Suzy Turner on July 28, 2011 : star star star star star
This is so totally different from anything I’ve read recently and I have to say… WOW. Patti Roberts is a truly remarkable writer. The way she weaves her tales among the story is extraordinary. I can honestly say I was in awe of the way she managed to do it. I’d love to have that talent. The story was so unusual… in fact it was a story within a story, or should I say a story within a story, within a story… I could go on because there are several different tales going on in the book at different times in history. And it’s not confusing, Patti Roberts has managed to intertwine these aspects beautifully.
I also love the fact that Lisbon has been incorporated (I live in Portugal, but I won’t say anything more!) My only criticism is that I NEED to know what happens next!! I can’t wait for book two!

Aug 10, 2011

kimyunalesca rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition

I do think and believe that there are angels among us I’m not just talking about halos and wings I mean a mere act of kindness, an inner light of God that shines within each and every single one of us or just like an imaginary friend we quite like forgot having growing up we’ll later on find out probably pursuit remembering afterwards.

This short novel series I felt is going to be a good one, it has a very beautiful glossy book cover with a bit of dark forest ,title with a touch of light plus a feather that immediately grabs your attention which made it more intriguing, stands out and of course a great synopsis. The Angels Are Here, the first one in the series, is a story that kept me hanging and guessing what comes next.It made me patient yet can’t wait to read book two. I appreciated all the flashbacks and side stories but I would like to find out more about little Grace I wanted her to grow up soon enough and as fast as she could..let her destiny unfold plus more war zone scenes at Altair. Its one of those stories I would like to get hold off there’s also a lot of loss, tragedy, things that happened in real life that I’m not even aware of, a little bit of everything, its characters you’ll love and hate which made them so effective and relatable pretty much up to beat to the present time though there are some parts that I felt that are quite not right..something lacking.. some stories not yet told..still on halt I would surely want to find out. I love how Ms. Patti Roberts(the author) made it simple yet complicated twisted background and plot for the first book, the fact that she definitely took her time to introduce all these set of characters, made them grow, blend and connect to each other within the story, on how she kept and made the waiting game more exciting definitely worth waiting for!


Tara‘s review

4 of 5 stars

bookshelves: fantasy

This book has two aspects to the story – one focusing on Angels in their own dimension, and the other focusing on the events down here on Earth, and especially those events pertinent to a young girl named Grace, who is clearly important to the angels, though this book doesn’t give away how.

Grace’s story is very moving – a young girl whose world is changing, especially when her father, whom she idolizes, dies in an accident. One thing that I noticed about this is that the grief Grace feels is almost tangible – it’s written about so realistically. There’s nothing over the top, and as a reader, I really felt for Grace and her mother in their joint struggle to get through a difficult time.

The progression is good throughout, and the reader sees Grace change from somewhat of a loner into a normal, happy, social young girl. It’s obvious, though, that Grace is special, because her ‘imaginary’ friend as a child comes in the form of an Angel called Hope, who tells her not to speak of her to anyone else, though somehow her father knows of the connection. Then, when she does make a ‘flesh-and-blood’ friend, it’s clear that the girl isn’t ‘normal’, and it will be interesting in the second book to see how this progresses.

In terms of the warring Angels aspect to the story, the idea in this book is that there are two warring families, and the events which occur in their war directly effect things on Earth – for instance, natural disasters. The characters in the Angel dimension were interesting, and slightly disturbing – an aspect I really enjoyed. Again, I’m interested to see where this goes in the next book.

I enjoyed the book – and one of my only complaints is that I could have kept on reading!  Definitely a good read, and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the second.

My Thoughts:

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada

The book opens we are introduced to Abaddon, a handsome man with yellowish eyes, and an extremely cruel soul and blood that bleeds black, as do all the Grigorians in his family. Siena, his cousin and Theria, his sister. Now we have not yet met his brother Cerberus who is High Ruler, but he is mentioned quite a bit as Abaddon loathes him and wants everything that is his brothers…even his sister-in-law. A war is in progress, this war is between the the fallen House of the Grigorians and the House of the Bulguardians, in the ancient city of Altair, in Aquila Constellation.We then move onto Grace and the start of her story, Juliette, an angel who starts as the narrator of the story, and Grace, a human child with strange nightmares and angels constantly flocking to her, Hope is one of the first Angels that come to oversee the protection of Grace, and Grace, unaware just thinks Hope is an imaginary friend. Her father is aware of what’s going on and is happy to see Hope as Grace has no real friends at school or at home and knows Hope will protect his daughter.

The book flips back and forth from Grace, to the war, and the Grigorians and family, I don’t feel it confused me, but you have to read very carefully, it is a read that makes you think outside the box and take a look at what you always thought, or believed in.  I love how we get to grow up with Grace, as it starts when she is little and ends off when she is eleven or so years old, and has come to have a great friend in Angela.

I laughed out loud in parts at the interaction with Grace and Angela, as Angela is not your everyday average little girl, a little weird at times, but Grace never noticing. I teared up when Grace lost her father, as I also have lost my father, not at such a young age, just 4-years ago so I could relate to her pain and grief. The way Patti described both Grace’s grief and Kate’s (Grace’s Mom) grief it was hard for me to read, it brought up a painful time in my life.

While having some questions, I also kept in mind knowing book 2 is on its way soon, and like all good books that have more than one book, all will be revealed in good time, and that is why I am so super excited to read the next book. I absolutely loved this one, I wish it was a bit longer, but knowing more is to come it only has made me anticipate the next book even more. It sets my imagination to wonder, what will be revealed next, will we find out more about the Police Officer, will Angela reveal who he is? Will we figure out why Grace keeps traveling in and out of her body to different times and people?

And lets not forget that cliffhanger at the end OMG I closed the book and said to myself, “I have to have more right now” LOL. I love Patti’s style of writing, it is a book you have to read slowly and carefully, but only so that you don’t miss anything, Patti does such a phenomenal job at describing every detail, and I am dying to figure out how a war 900-years ago revolves around a little girl and her Angel friend.

The book  is an introductory to much more to come, it was meant to give the reader a chance to get to know Grace a bit better, and what a wonderful job Patti did with that. I have to thank Patti for allowing me to read her novella and I would recommend this book to all. It is a superb book and I think you will all enjoy it as much as I did.

Patti, yes I loved the book, can I ask one question, can I pleaseeeeeee review book 2 for you, OMG Patti, it really was the most amazing book I have read in a long time, and that cliffhanger at the end *panting for more* !!  Natalie Hillier

5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT,July 19, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Paradox – The Angels Are Here (Kindle Edition)

After reading dozens of Angel based books, I cannot recall a time when I said, hey- I like this. Well, surprisingly, I loved this. This book is up there on my list of favorites. First of all, the writing was excellent, I was literally flabbergasted and felt inferior in anything I’ve ever written. There’s no slow parts, just a mind-blowing of information you devour with willingness. I don’t know too much about Angel history, but it sounds like research was done and I’m going to take Roberts word for anything she tells me about Angels from here on out, truth or not. This is how much I became sucked into this world. And with all my disappointment, it ended. Just like that, I was like no way. That cannot be it, and it isn’t because then I remembered she has a sequel coming out! Grace, is a character I can very much relate too, and even as a little girl, it’s obvious she will grow to be a wonderful adult. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for the lovely Grace. =]

Danie Cutter‘s review

4 of 5 stars
Really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next.It’s beautifully written with a flowing yet descriptive style. The characters are believable and identifiable yet have hidden depths that you can guess at but have to read more to get the whole picture.
The only slight downer was the intro for me. It just didn’t sit well with me and having come fairly cold to this book (I try to steer clear of other reviews before “reviewing” one myself), I did think “please not another run of the mill vampire book” but it’s not and I’m glad I persisted as otherwise I would have missed out on a great read and the sequel(s).Always leave the audience wanting more.. you did.. I’m waiting!
4.0 out of 5 stars Complex and interesting book,
This review is from: Paradox – The Angels Are Here (Kindle Edition)

Juliette has been around since the world was young – she saw the rise of civilization, and the fall when, after the Great War, so much knowledge was lost. She is here to tell a story – sshhh – let’s listen in.

The story begins in the early 12th century on the planet Altair – which is in the Aquila Constellation – and in the Imperial City of Empyrean. A war has raged for 99 days between the House of the Bulguardians (the Royal Guard of Empyrean) and the fallen, rebellious House of the Grigorians; thousands had died so far, and more were to come as the battle continued to rage.

We are then taken to the 21st century, Australia, where we meet Grace. Most of the rest of the story involves her, and her life, and the machinations of others around her – I think many of them are angels of various types, but there weren’t enough clues for me to really figure out who was who, or if we were even aware of who was who; at least in many cases.

Overall I did enjoy the story – the writing style is good, the descriptions engrossing, and once I settled in I went through the bulk of the book in no time. The characters are all distinct, with different styles of speaking and acting, which allows us to feel more of a connection to each of them. There are many events noted throughout this book based upon actual disasters in history.

There were two main issues that caused this story to miss a star. First, Abaddon, the leader of the Grigorians, is unrepentantly evil. I like an antagonist that has depths and layers, personally – that allows the reader to develop a certain amount of sympathy for the character. Perhaps that will change in future volumes in the series. Secondly, there are some startling transitions within the story that made me more than a little confused – Grace has visions – that isn’t a problem, however, there is another point in the course of the story where a couple paragraphs are just thrown into the middle of things that are suddenly in first person, with no explanation, and then just as suddenly go back to the third person. I deduced that this was supposed to be commentary by Juliette, but since there are no transitional phrases or any indication that these paragraphs are separate from the remainder of the page they are on, it was confusing. There were also some editing issues, although they weren’t enough to throw me out of the story. I also must warn people who are highly sensitive that there is a sad cat moment in this book – while it fit in with the story, if I’d known it was there I would have skipped that section altogether, as it was very disturbing to me.

That said, I would recommend this book on its merits – and to people who are interested in urban fantasy; especially relating to angels and paranormal events. It is well-written overall and I think many people will enjoy reading this novella.

My Thoughts: (I gave this book 4 Stars) Beckie – Age: 32 Loc: NC

The first this I will say is I really liked how I could feel I was being drawn into the story. The way the author told the story makes me you feel like you are right there with Grace and her family. Every emotion, thought and certain elements in the storyline around them that was being written so beautiful that you could get lost into the book. 

I can see readers relating to this book for those who have lost ones they love. Grace who is 11 years old come to face something so horrible at her age something no little girl her age should ever have to deal with -Loosing someone she loves more than the air she breathes.   When Grace feels she does not want to feel sorry for her loss anymore she starts the day with new hope and a new friend, Angela. Angela is not like other 11 year old girls… she talks and acting like she is well beyond her years. As Kate and Grace slowly mend there broken hearts with the help of their friends, Angela and Wade who is the cop who sadly had to break the news to the family about the death – Something else is in works someplace faraway, long ago?! 

As I read this book I found myself loving the character Grace. She was written with such spunk.  Paradox is a great book for anyone YA-Adult and a very fun and easy read. I immensely enjoyed reading it. I do look forward to reading what happens next.

Patti Roberts is a born story-teller who knows how to throw in those great twists through the book – Paradox “The Angels Are Here”.  Read more of Beckie’s reviews here.

Julia Crane

Julia Crane rated it 5 of 5 stars


I wasn’t supposed to read this book until I finished two others I had in front of it. After a peak inside I was sucked in and finished the book in one evening. It was a little hard to follow at times, but the author did an amazing job with the characters.

I will be reading the next in the series. I want to know more about these interesting characters and original view on angels. I’m very curious what the future holds for Grace.

I rarely give five stars, but the fact that I couldn’t sleep until I finished it deserves it.

Shannon5 of 5 stars
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Paradox – The Angels Are Here (Kindle Edition)

While hesitant to pick it up at first, having never heard of this author before, I read it and really enjoyed it. It’s ‘fresh’ and ‘original’ and I plan to keep up with the series. With competition such as Harry Potter and Twilight, this new series is a breath of fresh air! It doesn’t jump on the aforementioned coat tails; it stands alone. There is a lot of potential here, and I know I am anxiously awaiting book two!

Happy Mom (Gilbert, Arizona United States)My daughter loved this!,July 14, 20115 of 5 stars
This review is from: Paradox – The Angels Are Here (Kindle Edition)

My daughter downloaded this book to try a new author. When she was done, she was truly impressed. Always a fan of the Harry Potter and Twilight series, she found Patti Roberts’ story to be fresh and original once she got into it. As a teen, finding books to interest her has been tough. She’s between YA and adult books and is searching for a nice. She has said now that she will keep reading Ms. Roberts’ series because she enjoyed her characters and her imaginative storyline. Well done!

Cypher Lx
Cypher Lx rated it 5 of 5 stars

Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest and why?  Patti Roberts. Yes, I know it sounds like I’m being biased.  But Paradox is truly a work of art and I can’t wait to read more.

It took me forever to get to this book because of my too long to-read list. I wish I would have read it sooner. Although it can be a bit confusing at times, the story propels you into different worlds and different times where nothing is truly as it seems. I only wish it would have been longer, because I could have kept reading. I’m looking forward to the next book in the Paradox series.

(Next book, Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence is due for release this November) Sneak peek here


Collette Scott‘s review

5 of 5 stars
I suggested this book to my daughter, and she picked it up eagerly. When she finished the book, I asked her what she thought and she was fairly candid with her answers. I promised her that I would put them down for her:She said that the beginning was a little strange, but once she got into the story she really enjoyed it. She said that the writing was good and the plot entertaining. She enjoyed the characters and thought they were developed nicely. She said it was imaginative and a great way to escape from reality. Her single complaint was that she felt the ending was too abrupt. While she knows it’s leading into another story, she felt as though she was missing something. She is planning to recommend the book to her friends. Well done!

Julie rated it 5 of 5 stars

Shelves: 2011, fantasy, paranormal, paranormal-series, young-adult

I liked Paradox. I was torn between 4 and 5 stars, in the end, I decided the quite original plot was worth five stars.

The plot is new, it’s different, it’s something that hasn’t been done before. Good angels vs evil angels. I read a lot of paranormal literature, so the paranormal elements were already a plus point. Combine that with the element of the angel houses fighting one another over power and mortals, and it truly made for a great read with a good twist.

I found the idea very interesting. It’s a perspective that was new to me, and I can say it might be even one I’ll embrace for the future because it sounds believable.  However, it took me a while to get into it because the plot is very elaborate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is plenty of world building which sets a good basis for books to follow.

I’m a sucker for elaborate world building, so that definitely hit a soft spot with me. If you don’t get into it straight away, keep on reading, and you’ll understand why the description’s necessary. It’s really worth reading on.

From the two parts of the book I preferred the angel part because it captured a new world view and perspective on spirituality. The writing was good with great description and good character development (particularly the little girl). I also found the action refreshing.

It certainly held my attention so much that I’m sure the plot was what kept me glued to this book more than the characters.

I would definitely get the next book in the series to find out what happens next.

If you like a fast-paced story with new paranormal elements and well-developed characters, you will surely not be disappointed. Thoroughly recommended.  Buy the book here.  (Next book, Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence is due for release this November) Sneak peek here

Thoroughly enjoyed this book,5 of 5 stars
This review is from: Paradox – The Angels Are Here (Kindle Edition)

I wont get heavily into the plot as the other reviews do, as I don’t want to give anything away to spoil your enjoyment of reading and coming to your own conclusions on the book and plot. I agree with the other review in that you see a different side than you normally do to angels. Usually they are depicted all sweetness and light,doing only good deeds, whereas in this book we see some of the darker angels such as Abbadon ~ angel of destruction. Also Grace goes through flashbacks to past lives, so that i found an interesting part of the book.  The book is well written though does contain the odd typo, not that that distracts or takes away any of the enjoyment of reading the book. Definitely worth the money to download.
I have sat and read this book in one day, and am eager and interested to find out what happens next in the Paradox series.

(Next book, Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence is due for release this November) Sneak peek here

Kimberly Maloney
May 28, 2011

Kimberly Maloney

This book definitely made me think outside the box. I’ve never been a big believe in angels or devils, but I was still touched by the idea of them that the author portrayed in this book.

Grace is able to see and communicate with an angel named Hope, who protects Grace. As Grace grows and tragedy happens in her life, the reader sees a huge change in her. Grace goes from a socially awkward loner, to a somewhat happy, talkative young girl with the help of another little girl, Angela. Angela is obviously different then other little girls. It doesn’t come right out and say it, but there are enough inferences to make me believe that she is an Angel.

There were definitely moments in this book that brought tears to my eyes, because no little girl should have to go through what Grace went through.

There is also another story going on throughout the book, and it deals with evil. This evil race of immortals have their own Kingdom on what I do believe is a distant planet? There they plot a war to destroy their enemies.

Paradox was a pretty quick read, and it left off with a bit of a cliff hanger, because there is a second book in the series. I think the second book will get more into the evil side of the plot.

I give this novel 3.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason I didn’t give it a higher rating is because I felt lost several times, but I definitely want to read the next book in the series, because I feel like it’s really going to pick up and be a good series.

May 30, 2011

Krystal rated it 4 of 5 stars   THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS

This novel will have the reader at the first page. The reader will enjoy Patti Roberts’ view of guardian angels. The main character, a little girl-Grace, has the power of sight. The very same guardian angels sent to protect her father protect her; her father perishes and leaves the little girl and her mother on their own.

Grace conveys her deep sadness and hopelessness to the reader with extreme clarity. The angels watching over young Grace are meant to be “good”, however, there are two factions of angels-ones who destroy and ones who seek to help and are “good”. Grace’s story is interwoven with this important fact that the reader must remember in order to fully understand this novel. Grace puts the emotion into the novel, the angels build the structure.

The reader will be introduced to a world of angels and their background, very interesting and intriguing. The reader will enjoy the conspiracy, good, and evil parts of the novel. The ending is a somewhat surprising, but satisfying conclusion.

Patti Robers writes clearly and evokes an emotional reaction as well as deep thought in her readers, clearly an amazing writer. The reader will look forward to the sequel of this novel.  Buy the book here.

Nellee Horne
May 09, 2011

Nellee Horne rated it 5 of 5 stars


OMG…I’m was completely floored at how wonderfully well written this book was.

The best “hook” I’ve read in any book. The story-line is so original! I loved it. That’s all I have to say 🙂

Cons: It ended too early and that teaser in the back…I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, CAN NOT wait for the sequel!!!!  Review from my blog:      Buy the book here.

May 21, 2011

Paranormal.goddess rated it 5 of 5 stars

Alaiel Kreuz
Jun 22, 2011

Alaiel Kreuz rated it 4 of 5 stars

First of all, let me start with the first quote of the book:”The Definition of Paradox:
A seemingly illogical or self-contradictory statement
or suggestion, that may in fact, be very true.”This is a story that, if you have suffer the lost of a dear one, you will relate with Grace, a little girl, the main character, when she has to deal with a great loss.   And maybe, just maybe, you will relate with her in this: she has an imaginary friend, Hope, a little girl like her that accompanies Grace so she won’t feel alone, so she won’t feel misfit.
But, what happens is this Hope, this imaginary girl is nothing but an angel? Well, good question. Because she is, she is an angel sent to protect Grace from a great danger. There is a war that has been happening for a long, long time, a war that has nothing to do with Grace… or so it seems.But I liked this book a lot, and not only because of the angels, I liked it because we can see how a little girl that believes in birthday wishes has to grow up too soon. And not only because she needs to, but because of her mother… because now, her mother needs her.
And, somehow, she is never alone. Maybe because of an imaginary friend, maybe because she meets a new girl that doesn’t mind being her friend, maybe because… well, maybe because we have angels everywhere that take care of us, even if we don’t notice it.Now, the War. This war is between the the fallen House of the Grigorians and the House of the Bulguardians, in the ancient city of Altair, in Aquila Constellation. Here, while the War is being fought, we are introduce to Abaddon, a handsome man with yellowish eyes like the cats and a very cruel soul… like all the Grigorians in his family. We meet also Siena, his cousin and Theria, his sister. This character, Theria, is one of my favorites, and not because of her good heart but because she is nothing but cruel and mean. Somehow, I didn’t expect that from her (Theria’s introduction was very normal and even cute) and I would love to see her develop a lot more in the next book.There’s only one thing that I missed: I needed a better ending, an ending that would make me anxious to read the next book. Don’t get me wrong, I want to read the next one but I’m not hyperventilating.And, to be honest, Patti’s writing was so good I felt like crying a lot of times (I was in the train of mi city and it was so hard not to cry!) while I was reading her book and that was because I could “feel” everything that Grace was going through. I honestly couldn’t stop reading and finished the book in less than 3 hours because I wanted to know what was going to happen next in her live.I had a really good time reading “Paradox” so why don’t you give it a try?

Lenore Wolfe‘s review


4 of 5 stars
status: Read from May 10 to 16, 2011

The Angels are here is a very moving story about a little girl who has the power of sight, who is watched over by unseen forces. The same forces who were directed to protect her father. She is the one they seek.

Now, she must face a future with a gift, sight she cannot contol, or even understand–and deep grief, alone, now, with her mother, who is paralyzed with grief when they abruptly lose the one man in their life.

I was deeply moved by this book, griped by her grief, a grief I understand. Patti Roberts has a powerful way of putting you in the story, feeling every emotion Grace feels, right down to the heart-stopping grief of losing her father, being seen by the community as a freak, and finally making a friend, but not understanding the forces behind her friend, or the world around her.

I gave this book four stars only because, a couple of times, I was confused for a period of time by what was happening. But I soon figured it out and went on to enjoy this book.

If I could change anything, it would be only to know what happens next, but alas, I have to wait for the sequel. Paranormal readers would, very much, enjoy this book.

May 05, 2011

Jayde Scott rated it 5 of 5 stars

Having read Paradox – The Angels Are Here, I feel I’ve been left with a different world view on angels, heaven and spirituality.

 There is no easy way to sum up the plot, so I shall just say that the story focuses on two elements: one being the war between the different angel houses and how they interact with humans. Some are good, others are evil, and so they fight each other in their quests to become the stronger house.

The second part focuses on Grace, a little girl who’s gone through a lot in life, and whose life is about to be turned upside down.

While the angels’ part focuses on world building and description and setting a solid background for the next books in the series, Grace’s part emphasises her emotions based on a deep loss, her relationship with her family and the actions that rise into a dramatic crescendo, inevitably leading to an ending that will leave you wanting to read the book all over again because you just couldn’t see it coming.

There’s no doubt Patti Roberts is someone who knows how to build strong characters and a vivid setting. I liked the darker side of some of the angels. It was a unique and convincing way to view spirituality and the angels’ role within humanity.

I also liked how they were connected to Grace and Grace’s role within the larger picture. I do agree with others who said some questions were left unanswered, but I feel that was necessary in order to be able to explore those in detail in books to follow.

All in all, this was a great first book in the series with interesting characters that invite further exploration.

It was a touching read that I would recommend to all fantasy readers, and I eagerly await the next book in the series.  Buy the book here.

Jayde Scott – Author of the Book “A Job From Hell

Book Review by Darkiss Reads

The world of Angels in which Patti Roberts creates is one of greed, power, sex, control with a bit of conspiracy theory which lays the ground work for the war between good and evil.  

But who is good and who is evil remains to be seen.  Her world of Angels is multi-faceted and for a brief moment I was immersed into their world and presented with very complex and twisted characters and I found myself wanting more.

The author has truly created a villain worth reading, he is dark and so very bad that you can’t help but want to see more of his dammed soul.

The story then catapults the reader 900 years into the future and back on Earth. In which we find a young girl Grace whose life has just spun out of control. As I followed Grace’s story I found myself wanting to be back in the world the Angels.

The story of Grace took me through a gamut of emotions ; grief, sadness and despair. It almost felt like I was reading two very different books, one that was meant of an older audience with the writing style more intelligent, detailed and descriptions that made the realm of the Angels come alive.  Then on to Grace’s world where the author was writing to a younger audience, which I found a bit frustrating for I wanted to see more of the Angels stories.  I found the supporting characters in Grace’s story without depth, except for Grace herself, whose dark emotions and experiences I felt right along with her.

Though in hindsight, the feeling of good and evil was very tangible throughout and evident in the different writing styles within the story. There are several sub-plots within the tale that I thought could have been explored more and would have given greater insight to supporting characters.

One worthy note I would like to mention is the Author did a fantastic job of catching my imagination and giving me glimpse as to who and what Guardian Angels are. I found her ideas very interesting and I am sure most readers will easily identify with her vision of

” Guardian Angels”

The book fits into the fantasy realm though it is labels as teen and young adult.

For myself it gave me my first taste of the world of Angels through Patti Roberts eyes and I was not disappointed.

All in all a very good read and be prepared for two stories that will come together in what I hope to be a very exciting follow up book ” Paradox – Progeny of Innocence”  This book is a worthy 4 stars!

Darkiss Reads

April 11, 2011

Paradox – The Angels Are Here Review by L.E. Olteano

My butterfly-o-meter rating:
“Since the beginning of time there has always been two things that change lives forever – War. The other – Love. My life has not been an exception to either… “
Smashwords on The Angels Are Here

The first thing that I truly liked about it is the style of the writing; it instilled in me the acute sense of being present to something quite wonderful. I, for one, always love the art of the word above the more action-oriented way of writing, but I also know that there are those who value the easier to read style. For me, the writing here scores a lot of points. It’s adequate to tales of angels, demons, gods, and mighty, legendary creatures. I was especially pleased by Patti Robert‘s descriptive talents, they’re a godsend to my personal tastes; however, I will say, the ‘voices’ of the human characters could benefit from a simpler approach.
Another thing that I loved, and this is always a make or break deal for me, was the “villain”-ish category of characters. If your book doesn’t have one guy that I wanna be kidnapped by, then it’s not going to really work out between us. Well, Patti Roberts has offered at least one character so far that I seriously wanna petition to have me kidnapped and taken back to his lair. I’m not going to go spoiler-y on you guys, but I’m telling you, there’s one epic hot guy in here. I am sort of sad that he isn’t featured in the story so far as much as I’d like him to, but I am hopeful that he’ll make more of an appearance in the future.

I appreciated the way the book introduces you to Grace, really introduces you to her and her growing pains and difficult or better moments; you get a real, vibrant sense of who Grace really is and I suspect the entire series will benefit greatly from it. Of course, I’ll have to wait and read it all in time to be sure about it. One excruciatingly well done part was the one dealing with Grace’s loss; it felt so intensely real, that you literally have no choice but to go through it with her.

There were a few moments where I felt disoriented, or slightly confused, along the way; the story has a tempo of its own, a sort of very personal beat that you have to get into. There are also a few loose ends in the story so far, not to mention The Angels Are Here ends with a major (evil) cliffhanger, but I suspect a lot will become clearer with the following installments.

I must say I love the cover too, it looks very, very promising. Until next volumes are available, The Angels Are Here and me have good chemistry, this is the beginning of a potentially beautiful relationship. L.E. Olteano

Review by Paranormal Opinion

I did get pulled into the story through Grace and her emotions. I felt myself riding the roller coaster with Grace, as she dealt with the pain, loss, and healing in her life. I’m not sure what type of reader I would recommend this book to. There were some adult themes dealing with the angels, but most of the book was centered around Grace, who is a child. I am very intrigued by this story and I really can’t wait to see how everything ties together.  Tishia’s Blog

Reader’s comments:

S McGuinness:  Really, you had me from the first chapter.

Leigh Russell:  You have the knack of making your characters come alive right from the start.  Author of bestselling psychological thriller Cut Short.

Clint O’Regan: Yes, great reading! LOVE IT!!!  – Motivational Speaker.

Terry LaBreck:  Found another writer! Patti Roberts from Australia, and WOW ! She’s awesome ! She’s gonna make it big-time in fiction! You gotta read this! I was blown away after reading her work, but don’t take my word for it!  Read it for yourself!

Glenda Ward: Holy Moly,..this is great!… I had tears in my eyes. I didn’t know what to think at first,.. but the more I read ,the more interesting it became. I think you are right ,Terry……Definitely..!!

Paradox – The Angels Are Here (book 1) Smashwords – all ebook formats – including Nook, KoBo, Sony and more.

Amazon ebook download – Kindle

Paperback – createspace

Thank you for dropping by.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  Patti

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